Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Birthday cake

Buying a birthday cake in a bakery? Here in Kigali, it is not so simple. You can see Paul´s birthday cake below; he was very happy with it.

What I used to make a simple cake a bit more special:
- Cover made with Nestlé dark chocolate
- Sugar stars in different colours 
- Dr. Oetker painting tubes, to easily write the name
- A cookie with the shape of a number 5 
- A firework stick
- A paper umbrella
- Candles

We had a lot of fun!

Eating vegetables is fun

It is always hard to have the kids eating vegetables! Paul is quite fine; but Anna is really not eating them unless they are cut very small and in a sauce. So now I have started "drawing" with the vegetables; the children really had to laugh when they saw the face in their plate!

Your tips to promote healthy eating habits for children are welcome!


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