Friday, 29 January 2010

Coloring with Carla Bruni

Coloring and painting is something that all children like. I thought Paul was too young for it, but as soon as he could hold a pen in his hand (a bit after he was one year old), he started being really passionate about it. Now he is almost two and he loves it. At the beginning I just let him paint a bit on his own, but now we just do it together.

We sit on the dining table, each one of us in one chair. All I need is some paper and coloring pens for him. I discovered it is very enjoyable to paint myself; right now I am coloring a drawing made by Nathalie Leté I got at the Flow magazine, and I am using simple pencils I bought at V&D. You can also download pictures to color at > ‘kleurplaten’; they are really great!

If you add some nice music to it, it feels almost like a meditation session. Right now we are listening to Carla Bruni, ‘Quelqu'un m'a dit’; it is sooooo relaxing!


Astrid said...

Thanks for posting and share the idea (&website)! I can see myself and Carmen are doing similar thing in months to come ;)



Xavier said...

It's a very good exercice for Paul, playing with colours he will be clever with hands and also will learn the final results after to brew, to blend ... very important things for cocktails.


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