Monday, 9 August 2010

How to grow lentils

This idea came from my primary school times. Why not growing some lentils and see the results?

So, here come the instructions:
- Take a pot and put some dry lentils. Just take the normal ones you can buy in a supermarket. You have to check that they are full and not split into two parts.
- Add some cotton or cloth (below or above) the lentils. The purpose is to have something that keeps the humidity.

- Keep your pot inside and make sure the cloth remains humid. You will see that after two or three days, the lentils have grown some little sprouts. Those are the roots.

- Now, take a pot, fill it with earth and carefully move the lentils in there. Make sure that the white roots are placed under the ground. After few more days, your plants will look like this.

- Let the plants in a place with not too much sun. After three weeks or so, you will get some cute plants.

What is my evaluation of the whole process?
Well, it is fun, you get nice plants for the garden at no cost and I think it is also educative for children to see where does the food they eat come from. However, you get two lentils from each plant, so do not expect to harvest huge amounts of lentils!

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Silly Little Sheep said...

They are cute planties, and growing ANYTHING is definitely educational for the kids.
Have you actually ever grown lentils to produce pods with edible lentils? I would love to try growing them for food... :)


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