Monday, 21 March 2011


Carnaval has just passed, but dressing up as pirates is something you can do at any time of the year.

The day care had organized a carnival party, so children could go with a special outfit. Paul is really picky regarding what he wants to wear, so I thought it made no sense to buy him something. He would probably just not want to wear it.

So... we made his pirate outfit together. I took some pieces of colored felt, and he could choose the colors he liked (he chose blue and red, not a surprise). Then he could cut them in little pieces and point where he wanted them placed in his trousers, T-shirt and hat. I just sew them in the right spot and it was ready!

On the day itself I used some special pens to paint his face, and obviously he also wanted to paint himself some extra lines in his face.

The result is the one below!

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