Monday, 11 July 2011

Baha'i temple in Kampala

What are the baha'is?

I heard about them for the first time during my visit last year to Israel. It is a religion founded more than a century and a half ago in Iran by Baha'u'llah, seen as the last messenger from God after Abraham, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad. We went to Kampala (Uganda) for a long weekend, and I read in the Brandt guide that we could find there the only baha'i temple in whole Africa. So, out of curiosity, there we went!

The temple is really a island of peace in busy Kampala, and worth a visit if only to enjoy the pretty gardens. The baha'is who were at the temple were really welcoming and happy to answer all our questions about their religion. And they had to smile when Paul immediately started to help by cleaning around with a mop...

Few facts we learned:
What do the baha'is believe in?
- All humanity is one family
- Women and men are equal
- All prejudice - racial, religious, national or economic - is destructive and must be overcome
- We must investigate truth for ourselves, without preconceptions
- Science and religion are in harmony
- Our economic problems are linked to spiritual problems
- The family and its unity are very important
- There is one God
- All major religions come from God
- World peace is the crying need of our time

So far, I would say I could agree with all the statements above.

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