Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lupingu Lua Luimpe: what is that?

Recently I received a gift that intrigued me. It is a wooden figure of a mother with a baby in her arms. Not totally my taste, and not quite sure what to do with it. But still, it seems to be a fine piece of congolese art, and I wanted to know some more about it.

I found a picture on the internet that looks a lot the one I have, in the site of the Brooklyn museum. Quoting from the site: "Lupingu lua luimpe figures such as this were used by a cult among the Lulua, called Bwanga bwa Cibola, which aimed to cure infertility. Women who were having trouble conceiving could be initiated into the cult, after which they would receive a lupingu lua luimpe figure, which was designed to ward off any ill intentions that might be directed her way." Those figures seem to share also some features, such as scarifications in the face, almond eyes, and long straight noses.

Ok, so far, and considering I am pregnant for the third time without making much efforts, I guess I do not need anything to solve my infertility. But it is never bad to have something against any "ill intentions my way!".

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