Thursday, 1 November 2012

What do you find in Lego Creative?

These days Paul is mainly busy with Lego. He got a couple of boxes while we were in the Netherlands, and that means enough pieces to play around for a while. Since he has done already the vehicles and figures according to the instructions in the packages; he goes on now with building his own creations.

Such as the one below!

I wanted to investigate a bit further into what is online concerning Lego. I have started with Lego Creative website. The website opens in the 'Bricks & More' section. I went to 'Products', and indeed, I could find some of the packages that Paul already has. Let's say the one with the safari car, the elephant and the giraffe (number 4637); quite cool by the way to build those animals with blocks!

Well, you can click on 'Inspirations', and then see pictures of other things you can build with the blocks in that particular box; for example, a rhino. And in 'Building instructions', you can download a pdf with the instructions to build a couple of extra things, like a boat and a jeep. Cool! What I miss is actually the instructions from the package itself, it would be handy in case we loose  the original ones!

Then I went into the 'Fun with Bricks & More' tab, nice! Even more booklets with instructions that can be downloaded. The 'Monthly Builds' tab seems to be the one giving the better overview on possible designs.

And again about the building instructions. After a longer search, I have noticed that it is actually possible to get lost booklets. The correct place is the customer service page, where you only need to enter the code of the package, or a description of it (e.g. airplane, car).

Which one is your favourite Lego product?

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