Friday, 3 January 2014

Songs meant for adults that you can listen with your children

"Oiga usted, no se ría, de la bruja avería,..."

I have been thinking for a while; which kind of music is nice to hear with our children?
We do have the usual CDs of children music; and I have to say that the Dutch ones we listen to are quite nice (animal songs, Kinderen voor Kinderen, the typical Sinterklaas and Christmas ones...)

So, I was happy when I found this book during my last holiday in Barcelona: 100 canciones de adultos para oír con niños (100 songs for adults to listen with children). Just something I was looking for!

We did a first trial with one of the songs suggested: No se ría, sang by Santiago Auserón. Paul really loved it, and we had to play it around 10 times! I actually knew it from the time I was a child; how could it be I did not think about it? I guess all Spanish my age remember the Bruja Avería; don´t you?

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