Monday, 14 December 2015

How to cross the border between Uganda and Rwanda

Well, this is not exactly a post about children. It is a post that can make your life easy if you need to cross the Ugandan-Rwandan border at Gatuna.

We went on holidays to Uganda from Rwanda, and on our way there we had quite some delay because we did not know what we had to do exactly. Having three children in the back of the car, and having them going in and out the car several times did not help to have a good start of the holidays!

So, on our way back, I made a small list with the steps to be taken when crossing the border, this time from Uganda to Rwanda.

1. Cross the first gate
2. Go to the Ugandan Immigration Office. Get the passports stamped. Give the Interstate Pass that you got when leaving Rwanda.
3. Go to the police station. Show your car papers, driving licence and the driver's passport.
4. Go to Uganda Revenue Authority and get a stamp.
5. Go in the car and cross the second gate. You will cross a river over a bridge.
6. You will get your temperature checked.
7. Cross the third gate.
8. Go to the Rwandan Immigration Office (entry). Get the passports stamped.
9. Go to Customs.
10. Go to the police station, and show paper from previous police station.

11. Cross the fourth gate, and give the paper you received from the police.

Good luck!


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