Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Little shoes for little princess

We all know that babies and toddlers do not really need shoes until the moment that they start walking and they need to have something in their feet (specially if you live in a cold country!). Until then, socks with antislip are usually more than enough.

But yes, little shoes look so cute! Specially on little princesses like Anna! My mother is ready handy in making clothes, pathwork and all sort of handcrafts. Last thing she made is a pair of shoes for Anna.

You will need:
- Felt
- Four buttons
- Some cord
- Special scissors to make the irregular cuts

How to make the shoes?
My mother bought the materials from Dona (www.miescaparate.com/donapuntdecreu/); and she used a pattern from Marie Claire Idées. If you want it, just write me (a comment or an e-mail) and I can try to get it to you. For the rest, it just involves making sure it is the right size for your child, sew it together, put the buttons, ...and voilà!

Of course, it is easy to say and not so easy to do, ... but the result is great!

1 comment:

Xavier Martínez said...

I’ll beg to my sister-in-law to do similar shoes for me. I’m very sensitive to cold, maybe it would be a good solution for my always cold feet. But we have to discuss about the color. I think grey ones have not so much glamour.


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