Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Top 5 things I like about breakfast

I am not a morning person.
But there are small things in the mornings that make me feel happy!

So, these are my favourite 5 things I like to enjoy during my breakfast:
- Butter melting in a piece of warm toasted bread
- The smell of freshly brewed coffee, with ots of milk and sugar
- Warm croissants from the oven
- Oranje juice made from real oranges, with all the little pieces floating around
- Homemade jam; fixed in my memory is the taste of the jams prepared by my grandma and aunts during the summers (oranges, apricots, peers with lemon and blackberries)

NOTE: Recipe on how to do the apricot jam in the picture to follow soon

And what are your favourite things during breakfast?


X.M.C. said...

the best bitter orange jam in the world is prepared by my mother in law = Laura's grandma.

My Mama Day said...

Yes, I got the inspiration from her!


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