Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Clothes ready for tomorrow

Paul is getting very organized on everything that concerns his clothes. And I am getting very concerned too when I see his "compositions". This is what he prepared before going to sleep...
What is the scarf for? Boots? We live in Africa! Anyway, I have started to use "his" system for my own purposes. So, I arrange his clothes when I know we need to go in a hurry the day after (e.g. taking a plane early in the morning). Then I go over my choice with him, so he agrees with it. And then in the morning, the whole dressing process goes really fast. In fact, most of the days he dresses all by himself now. Although, a couple of times, I realized (too late) that he did not take his pajama out, so he went to school with his pajama under the clothes!

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