Monday, 31 October 2011

Tomato salad with salted cod

Yes, this is one of my mother's receipts, totally in line with her line of thinking. So, it is easy to make, have few ingredients and an extraordinary result!

What do you need?
- Tomatoes
- Black olives
- Red onions
- Salted dry cod
- Olive oil, salt and pepper

f you live in Spain or Portugal, it is quite easy to buy salted dry cod. In the Netherlands, I could buy some in an Albert Heijn XL, in the section with international food specialities.

And then, what do you need to do?
- Let the salted dry cod in water the night before, and change the water a couple of times. You need to do this to get the salt "out" of the cod, so that it tastes salty, but not extremely salty.
- Cut the tomatoes and the red onions in small pieces.
- Mix everything in a bowl with the black olives.
- Add quite some olive oil, and a bit of pepper. Most likely you do not need to add more salt (due to the already salty taste of the cod), but that is up to you.

This dish makes for a really good starter; enjoy it!

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