Sunday, 20 May 2012

Fruits - Learning vocabulary

Paul is learning lots of new vocabulary in English since he started school; which is great! I was worried, though, that he is missing learning new vocabulary in Spanish, specially regarding things we do not have here in Rwanda. What about melons? We never eat them here!

I went to look for some pictures in internet to color; I took the resource website from the Catalan government; there are quite some nice pictures to be downloaded here. I printed them in an A4, and we colored them together. Then I took an A3 and we glued them and put the names. Paul still wanted to re-draw the fruits himself; which made it look a bit nicer. See the result below! 

Now the poster hangs in his playing room, and is a good reminder as well to talk about some basic vocabulary in Spanish. I am planning to do the same with the names of vegetables, winter clothes, etc, I keep you posted!


Angela Scaueru said...

Hey Laura, nice article, we're also busy with the kids, doing all sort of things (now we have 3) and we hear that you're on the same path ;-) We also have a blog

Read you and hopefully keep in touch

My Mama Day said...


Nice blog! I will add a link into my "Links for inspiration". Keep it up!

Sarah Harting said...

I bought a real good watermelon the other day in Nyamirambo! Never looked for other melons though. xxxx


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