Monday, 25 June 2012

Cupcakes from Dr.Oetker

Yes, it would be wonderful to follow one of those great recipes to make cupcakes that you can find in books or in internet. But the moment I want to make them, I do not have enough eggs or flour, or the end result is simply a disaster.

I started trying Dr. Oetker pre-mix packages for deserts when we moved to Rwanda. Really, it could not be easier. You add the content of the package with some water, and that is it. Paul loves doing the cupcakes, and you do not need much since even the paper for the cupcakes is included in the package. The only problem is that the paper "opens", I just placed them in two oven plates and it worked. The shape is, of course, somewhat irregular, but the children loved them all the same.

To decorate them, I used some chocolate and colored sugar bread spread; you can see the result above!

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