Thursday, 13 September 2012

How to clean your Medela breastpump

Nils is already almost 2 months! Time flies... and I thought it is a good moment to check my breastpump. I used for long a double electric breastpump from Medela, called Pump in Style (funny name, don't you think?). I have checked it, and the model no longer exists; it has been replaced for a smaller and fancier looking one.

I would like to focus on explaining how to clean the parts. In the instructions, it mentions you can boil them or put them into the dishwasher. But to be honest, after a while, this is not enough, specially if you use the pump daily. So I did some extra cleaning, as follows:

- Boil water in a pot and put all the elements fully disassembled in the water.
- Add some vinegar
- Boil five minutes
- Start taking one element out of the pot
- Remove all the dirtiness you can with a cotton stick (the ones used to clean the ears)
- Remove the little rests remaining in the corners using a toothpick
- Dry throughly with a soft cotton cloth
- Continue with the next element

I was quite happy with the result. The elements looked as new!

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