Monday, 17 September 2012

Learning to write

We came to the Netherlands at the beginning of June; so it is quite some time that Paul and Anna are not going to school. So, today I got a sudden mother-guiltiness feeling for not doing something extra all this time. The result was having a nice morning with Paul and Anna practicing to recognise and to write few letters (and thanks to Nils for sleeping all the morning!)

We used some wipe-off cards that I got from my mother as present. They are plastic cards with a glossy surface, and it allows children to write on with a special pen, wipe off and start again. I found particularly that it is possible to wipe off! For example, Anna does not like to see her own mistakes, but it is not a problem with these cards, because you can immediately wipe it off.

By the way, I checked the company producing the cards, it is called FlashKids. The offer free downloads of some of its products, and they seem quite nice! Check them in their website.


Emmy said...

Thank you for the download tip. I'm adding them to our pinterest printables board for Amsterdam Mamas.

My Mama Day said...

Hi Emmy,
Could you please send me the link to your pinterest board? Thanks!


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