Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Bye, bye, Pump in Style!

This is it. No more carrying my breastpump back and forth to work!

Anna is now almost 10 months and the moment has arrived to breastfeed her only in the mornings and evenings/nights.

I have used Medela Pump in Style breastpump for both Paul and Anna, and I am very happy about it. Honestly, I work four days a week, and a manual pump was not really an option. So I went for a double electric pump, and I am sure that I got back my investment. It takes me around 15 minutes in total to pump the milk and clean up the parts, since there are really few parts.

It took me a while to get used to pumping, and also to do it in a handy way. Eg.g If you hold one bottle in each hand, how do you press the "ON" button? Finding a suitbale place to pump, specially when travelling, has also proved a challenge. But I noticed that I just need to ask, and people are always helpful. Pumping the milk is really not my favourite activity, but ok, I totally see the benefits of doing it.

But the time has come to say: bye, bye, my dear Medela Pump in Style is going back to the closet!

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