Tuesday, 6 July 2010

How to carry a baby on the back

I had for long a wrap to carry Paul on the belly. I bought it with the idea that I could walk hands-free, and that for sure he should be comfortable and happy in it.

Well, it worked well the first months (I could even breastfeed him while he was on the wrap). But the truth is that I found two issues:
- The wrap makes you really warm
- My shoulders were suffering from it (although less than with other systems, since the wrap also goes around the hips)

I looked into internet, and I found a good solution: a back-wrap designed by Madame Zsazsa!

How does it work?
You make an order to Mde Zsazsa, and get the patterns, very clear instructions on how to sew it, and also the clips. I could sew the wrap without help and I only started learning how to use a sewing machine six months ago.

How does it compare to other methods of carrying a child?
- The weight of the child is distributed around your hips, so your shoulders do not suffer
- You can use it with hot weather, since your shoulders are free from any cloth
- When you get a bit of practice, you can put the child on your back by yourself without the help of a third person
- Anna was also sleeping there!

And here is the result!

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