Monday, 13 June 2011

Get ready for darkness

We do not notice how important electricity is until we do not have it. In our building it is normal that the electricity goes out for a few seconds. The first time it was a bit frightening, -how long is it going to last? -, but in fact, it is just a matter of waiting patiently for a little while and the electricity comes back.

Yesterday it was not the case. We had heavy rain; lights went off and they remained that way. Candles? I did not think about buying them. I remembered that I had bought in Hema a little flash light, so we went to look for it (I had Paul and Anna, of course, ready to follow me and help me around in the darkness). I found the flash light, Paul found the batteries (miracle!) and then we went back to Paul's bedroom. Where are the scissors to open the package? Back to my bedroom, I finally found a pair of scissors, again, in the middle of the darkness.

Flash light package open, batteries package open. How to assemble the whole thing together? Arrgghhh. I tried but I did not get more than a few blue sparks and the smell of fire, a bad sign, all in all. It seemed like the light bulb should be put in a particular position; but I could not see where.

So end of the story. I put Paul and Anna to sleep, a bit earlier than usual, but it seemed not to be a problem. Needless to say, when lights were on again, I had no issue in putting together the lamp in less than a minute.

Lesson learned:
To have always a working flash light and candles ready and in a place easy to reach

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