Monday, 20 June 2011

Kwita Izina - Gorilla naming ceremony

Last Saturday we went to Kwita Izina; the gorilla naming ceremony taking place in Kinigi. This is a yearly event when all the baby gorillas born that year receive a name. Obviously, the baby gorillas are not really at the event, but they are represented by people dressed as gorillas. That did not matter; Paul was fascinated by the "gorillas", althought he noted that the gorillas were wearing shoes.

We were expecting a sort of intimate event, but it proved to be a huge event with maybe 20.000 people. Some impressions below!

The left side of the scenario was reserved for VIPs; we could stay there. Children and people in general could come pretty close to the scenario, so that was quite nice. I do not recommend going with small children unless you can stay on that side! Below the right side of the scenario; really packed!

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