Saturday, 11 June 2011

How to paint a child as a cow

Last weekend there was a fair at the school where Paul will go in September. So there we went, it seemed like a good activity for Saturday. There was a lady painting the children's face, and Paul decided he wanted to have his face painted. He was patient enough to wait for 15 minutes (it does not happen often), and then the lady asked: "What do you want to be? Maybe Spiderman?" Paul replied very sure of himself: "Nee, een koe" (No, a cow). OK! And the picture above shows the result of his wish!

Steps to be taken:
- Paint the face in white with a sponge
- Then add the black circles randomly
- Eventually, draw as well the "mouth" in pick

And above all, make sure that the paint is meant to be for children's faces and that it is easy to remove!

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