Monday, 26 April 2010

Are cementeries fun?

Ok, cementeries are not really fun. At least, they are not fun because most of the times when you go there it is because somebody in your family or somebody you know died.

However, I remember than when I was a kid, in the summer, my cousins and me went very often to the grave of my grandfather. We took flowers from my grandmother's garden (cutting her flowers was forbidden, but who cared, it was for good) and we brought them to my grandpa without any adult supervision. Well, at that time, I might have been 10 years old, the whole thing looked totally normal.

The cementery was a sunny place, and we liked going around as well looking at the graves, the names, the flowers and the messages that people left. Nothing sad about it from a child's perspective.

This year we went again with my father and my grandmother, and I remembered everything about it. I took Paul as well as me. Of course, he was totally amused with the little stones, the possibility to sit all around and the flowers as well. I wonder if one day he will also cut "forbidden" flowers and sneak to go to the cementery.

Why is after all death in our culture not celebrated the same way that birth is?

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