Thursday, 29 April 2010

What is happiness?

I love children books. You get happy only by looking at them. Of course, I have my preferences; cute drawings and simple stories being my favourites.

At "La Central del Raval" in Barcelona they have a particularly good collection of original stories for little children. We usually go there to buy books for Paul or as a present for the new-born babies from our friends.

One of my favourites is the book about Selma. To answer the question "What is happiness?" we are being told a story about the little sheep Selma.

Selma likes eating grass, talking with her children, exercising and chatting with Madame Gutierrez. Then she is asked what would she do if she had more time to spend. She answers that she would definitely eat grass, talk a lot with her children, spend some time exercising and she would talk with Madame Gutierrez before going to sleep. And what about she would win the lottery? Well, you guess. Eating grass, discussing with her children, doing some exercise and talking with Madame Gutierrez are her answers.

I definitely want to be like Selma.

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