Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Spring is coming!

Yes, spring is coming, and of course, we want to have our garden tip top ready for it! We have put new grass and bought new flowers; I followed the advise of Jurgen Smit in the book 'Tuineren is niet moeilijk' ('Gardening is not difficult') and chose daisies. According to him, they are really strong and survive the most lazy gardener. Let's see if they manage it in our garden!

Paul really loves being in the garden. That was one of the reasons to put the grass, so that everything is more clean and cats do not come to do their "stuff" in our garden. Any activity is good for him; whether it is cleaning, brooming leaves from the floor, helping to take away some herbs or moving around logs. It is amazing how long he can be entertained doing that.

I was really hesitant when we bought our house with the garden; but now I really see the use of it, and how much children enjoy it!

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