Sunday, 24 October 2010

Chromium in Duplo?

Chromium in Duplo? How bad is it?

Both Paul and Anna love playing with Duplo. They can play very long with it, and everytime in a different way. I find Duplo great as well to take along when we go on holidays, and the amount of toys we can carry is very limited.

Due to my work, I have been doing some research on Good Guide. This is an on-line guide where different consumer goods are scored in three categories: health, environment and society.

Of course, just to check which kind of information they offer, I go and type: "Duplo".
There it goes, Duplo scores an average 5.9, a bit on the average compared to other similar toys, and split as follows:
- A 5.0 in Health
- A 7.1 in Environment
- A 5.5 in Society

Since I would like to know more, I scroll down to get more information. What do I see? Iread that although Duplo has no lead, mercury, PVC (Chlorine), cadmium, arsenic, antimony, tin,or bromine (oh, my God!), it does contains low levels of chromium.

As a very concerned mother, I run to google now, where I get a fast answer: "Some chromium VI compounds are listed as carcinogens due to an increase of lung cancer among workers exposed to it. In addition studies have shown that chromium VI causes birth defects, reproductive problems and even reduce disease resistance. Both asthma attacks and nasal irritation have been caused by exposure to high levels of chromium."

All that in my Duplo? Aaarrggghh!! Fortunately, I also read that the European Union controls the levels of Chromium in toys, and indeed, only a low level is allowed.

What do you think about regulations for toys? Do you think you will use Good Guide in the future?

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