Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Recycling bikes > Support the business idea!

I love innovative ideas in the sustainability area.

Therefore, when I heard about Roetz, and how old parts of bikes can be reused to build new bikes, I decided to support the business idea.

Here comes a message from Tiemen, who is the one behind this start-up. If you like the idea as much as I do, go into the web and give him your support!

Roetz-Bikes is a new start-up aimed at the production of new sustainable life-style bicycles using parts of discarded bicycles. We have entered the ASN Bank Wereldprijs sustainability contest, and could really use your votes to get us through to the final. The grand prize is €20.000, which we would invest in the production of a trial series of bicycles – which would greatly increase our chances of success. The contest ends October 15th, so please vote now, and spread the word!

Thanks for your support!


1.3 million new bicycles are purchased by the Dutch each year. This means that almost as much bicycles are discarded every year. An enormous waste, since many parts of discarded bicycles are very easily re-usable.
Roetz is determined to reduce this waste by sourcing bicycle wrecks on a large scale, and transforming them into new, retro-style bicycles. Along with re-used bicycle parts, other sustainable materials will be used to complete the bikes.

Roetz was started by two young entrepreneurs experienced in supply chain and logistics. After several years in consultancy, an experience in the automotive industry inspired us to enter the bicycle market with a sustainable concept: Roetz-Bikes
For questions, comments or to show your interest in a Roetz-Bike, email us at info@roetz-bikes.nl

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Clint Shaff said...

I think it’s good. Making a business isn’t all about making up new things, but rather producing innovative ideas from the available resources. You won’t have to worry about the supplies since they’re already laid before you. Just be careful with the kind of materials you’re getting.

Clint @FranchiseMatch.com


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