Thursday, 14 October 2010

Top 5 things Anna likes to do as a one-year old toddler

It is amazing to see the preferences children have. Same as adults, right?

Right now, these are the top 5 things that Anna enjoys doing:

1. Walking around with one sock in each hand
Paul is really good in getting rid of his socks, and Anna is really good at finding them back. All in all, a good match. Now she is really all the time walking around holding one sock in her hands as a little prize.

2. Rolling in bed
Anna and Paul are allowed to play in the big bed before going to sleep, so that they have plenty of space to roll, spring and jump. Sometimes I wonder how little sense of risk and danger she has, specially when she annoys Paul by pushing him, or giving him hugs, and truly expecting him to push her back. She can laugh forever and go on and on.... Which is most of the times, not quite in balance matter between the two.

3. Eating cookies
One of her passions. She has a sixth sense to discover where are the cookies in bags, closets and alike, and get them. Without much fuzzle or noise, so that she goes undercover. A true cookie monster.

4. Playing under the table
One of her favourite places to be. Probably because it is close to any potential cookie or left over of something she might like to eat.

5. Giving lots of attention to little things
Anna can spend 15 minutes with tasks like trying to get her pijama through her head (not that she ever succeeded), putting on a sock, or getting her favourite item from the wooden farm (right now that is a little basin where cows drink water). She goes after Paul when he goes to the toilet to see what is going on and eventually put her in the toilet to get a close by.

Let's see how her preferences evolve in one year!

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