Monday, 11 October 2010

Raisins bags as "traktatie"

Children in The Netherlands have to offer little presents to the rest when they have their birthday, the so called "traktaties".
This year I decided to make use of my new sewing machine to prepare the "traktaties" for Anna's birthday.

Materials needed:
- A sewing machine
- Transparent foil
- A bag with raisings
- Tags with cartoons, the ones we used to collect as children
- Scisors

- Cut the transparent foil in an appropriate size to make the little bags.
- Sew the foil using a decorative pattern. Leave one side open.
- Fill in the bag with the raisins.
- Sew the upper side, making sure to add the cartoon tag.
- Write a little message in the back of the tag.

And your traktaties are ready!

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