Friday, 12 February 2010

Arri, arri, tatanet

Children love music, at least as much as adults do.

One noticiable difference is that children seem to like hearing the same song again and again. During a visit to Barcelona, my aunt taught the song "Arri, arri, tatanet" to my son, and this is now one of his favourites. The lyrics are as follow:

Arri, arri tatanet,
anirem a Sant Benet,
comprarem un formatget
per dinar, per sopar
i pel (Paul) no n’hi haurĂ !!

What does it say?

It tells about going to Sant Benet, buying cheese for lunch and for dinner, and it ends telling that there will be no cheese for (Paul). Yes, I know, it is difficult to believe that a child can like it, but he does!

How do you sing it?

You have to sing it with your child on the lap and pretending to be a horse. At the end of the song, you let the child fall backwards to the lap, (but catch it grawing his hands!). It is also very nice to do with two children.

Enjoy singing!

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