Saturday, 27 February 2010

Yoga sit-ups for beautiful mamas

Time for youself?

As a mama, it is really difficult to find time for yourself. The TV, magazines and the society in general show us girls that look like the lady below (taken from the - free- Douglas magazine)

Perfectly styled hair? Body in shape? Nails? Make-up? Fashionable clothes? How am I supposed to find time for all that? If I hardly have time to sleep!

I went to yoga lessons during my pregnancy and we had one session afterwards where we took along our babies. We got one good tip to exercise while playing with our babies. There is one that I like a lot, and it helps to get your belly back in shape. You put your baby lying on her stomach on top of your knees and legs. Then you can do few light sit-ups.

Well, I am not sure that will help me to look as great as the lady above, but it feels good to do some exercise from time to time and it is fun!

Note: Ask your doctor before starting with postpartum exercises! I did nothing but walking during the first two months after my baby was born.

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Xavier Martínez said...

Woody Allen said: playboy girls doesn't exist, maybe the girl in the picture nor.


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