Monday, 1 February 2010

Shake it, shake it!

Although apples and oranges are very healthy, I agree it is very difficult to get over excited about them. So, while we wait for the summer fruits to be available (e.g. strawberries and peaches), here is my tip to eat apples and oranges: make smoothies!

What is a smoothie?
A smoothie is a mix of juice/milk or yogurt with fruit. They are really healthy, easy to make and full of vitamines. They are nice for breakfast, for dessert or for 'merienda' (as we call in Spain the little meal we eat at 18.00).

How do I make a smoothie?Here is my recept of today (for two full glasses):
- One orange
- One apple
- One banana
- Some orange juice

Peel the fruit (specially recommended for the orange and the banana). Put everything in the blender and mix it! In about 10 seconds you have your smoothie ready to drink. My son really loves it and so do I!

I got the idea to make smoothies from a cooking book for children called 'Hoe overleef ik als keukenprins(es)?'. It translates in 'How do I survive as kitchen princess?'. Given the little attraction I have to the kitchen, I thought the book was totally meant for me. It is full of great tips!

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Xavier said...

shake it !!!!, fantastic, put in a shaker: ice, two parts of white tequila, one part of pinneapple and three drops of blue curaƧao.
Shake it, shake it. After drink it, incredible things will happen.


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