Sunday, 7 February 2010

Little happy boxes: what is a "traktatie"?

In The Netherlands children bring little presents ("traktaties") to the school when they have their birthday. My son will become two years old tomorrow; which means that we had to prepare the little presents this weekend. It usually consists of a small sweet, or a little toy.

Personally, I believe small plastic toys are not that educative. Chocolate is also not that recomendable for young children. And I do not want to spend a fortune. So, what to do? Fortunally, after a walk around Hema, I got an idea for the "traktaties".

What did I buy?
- 2 boxes with 10 color pencils in each
- 3 different rolls to make the laces
- 1 package of colored sheets to make origami
- 1 package with 40 little carton boxes of Jip en Janneke raisins

I also needed some cello tape and scissors.

See the result below! Those are my little happy boxes ready to be distributed tomorrow! I hope that the children will enjoy them.

For more ideas about "traktaties", check the Home in Leiden website (one of my favourites!)

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