Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Keep it tidy

Children like to do whatever adults do. You have experienced that: you talk on the phone, your child wants to talk on the phone. If you read the newspaper, he will want to sit next to you and go through the pages and the same goes when you try to clean something, go to the toilet, etc. Sometimes it can be annoying, but you can also see the positive side of it. When cooking, cleaning or doing things in the house, I always try to give a small task to my son so he can "help me".

For example, I have to sterilize every evening the feeding bottles for Anna. I use a simple sterilizator from Prenatal. You have to put the bottles in a racket, fill it with water, and leave it 7 minutes in the microwave. That is something that Paul can help me with, and he sees it as a game (like making a puzzle) and he likes it a lot.

At the end, of course, it takes more time to do everything. Most of the times I have to clean what he tried to clean. But it is nicer to do things together instead of me pushing him aside. And I hope that in the long run, he will be a little boy who likes to help his mama!

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Xavier said...

I am thinking about the possibility to have a block named "my son day". Mother of God !!!! ... in catalan = "Mare de Deu, Senyor".


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