Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Somedays give me that feeling

Somedays I feel it is too much. Like when at the end of a working day I go to pick up the children at the daycare and they are (both) crying. Anna cries because she is hungry and Paul cries because he does not want to sit in his chair. He would rather be driving the car, of course.

What to do? Switch off the radio (and all those news that make you feel depressed). Put on the CD from Room Eleven, Six White Russians And A Pink Pussycat. Look for song number 12 'Somedays'...

Get the feeling at:

Sunshine, soft and easy
All the colors slide through my window
And brighten my walls
Oh, I feel alive

Somedays give me the feeling
Jumpin’ dancin’ laugh and singing
Somedays give me the feeling
Jumpin’ dancin’ laugh and singing!

It does work. Today they both stopped crying. Not sure if it was because of the song, or because I was singing as hard as I could: "jumpin', dancin', laugh and singing!' and they were thinking their mama was getting out of her mind...

And what about you? Which song makes you smile in a difficult day?

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