Saturday, 8 May 2010

How chamomile helps with breastfeeding

Is there any relationship between the food you eat and the milk you make (as breastfeeding mother)?

Hearing all the advices from people from different cultures, you would stop eating almost everything. No spicies, no oranges or lemons, no onions, etc. I am not sure how much truth is in all that. However, there is one thing I tried that really has an effect.

Chamomille. I got the advice from Paul's doctor in the Netherlands. He had "green poo", meaning issues with his digestion. The doctor suggested me to drink some chamomille. Well, I did so, and indeed, Paul's problem was solved the day after. The day I was forgetting to drink chamomille, he would get greenish again.

Amazing! The picture above is chamomille flowers with lemon. Nothing to do with the chamomille in bags! If you have the choice, buy the chamomille flowers, the taste is so much different.

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