Friday, 7 May 2010

When being patient is urgently needed

I am a very patient person. I truly do not get nervous easily and I can hold myself in moments of stress. But I am sure that all parents experience situations that take them to the limit.

Afer a quite hectic morning, I needed to bring Anna upstairs. Paul did not want to go with us upstairs, so I made him "promise" he would behave in the two minutes I needed to put Anna to sleep.

I went upstairs. Paul was incredibly quiet; I heard no noise. Sweet, I thought. And I went downstairs to find the following:

Paul highly entertained with a box of "muisjes" (little candies to put on top of bread), mixing the "muisjes" with water.

The living room and kitchen floor full with "muisjes".

Ok. And now?

1. Breath deeply.
2. Forget I just cleaned the floor.
3. Take a picture.
4. Clearly explain that what has happened is wrong and should not happen again.
5. Breath deeply.
6. Convince Paul to clean together.

And laugh about it!
Children are only children once.

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