Monday, 3 May 2010

Stamps for pirates and princesses

I had the chance to go to the toy store last weekend. I hardly ever buy any toy for Paul or Anna, but I could not stop myself when I saw the stamps and ink (these are from Djeco, by the way).

I got the inspiration from the MUS werk blog. Absolutely amazing how creative some people are.

They are really simple to use. You soak the rugged part of the stamp with the ink. Then you carefully turn the stamp around. Make sure you have a big paper, and stamp it! Paul really loved it. Of course, I had to make sure we agreed on the rules. The ink part is definitely my task; otherwise you may get a kid (plus table, etc) with all sort of stains around.

By the way, there were stains anyway in his hands. Those are easily removed with the same towels that I usally use to clean his bottom. And make up remover works well for heavy stains in the face.

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