Sunday, 23 May 2010

Reusable nappies

I had heard about washable diapers when working on the "green" section in the website Home in Leiden.

Since I am totally in the mood of trying things with my children; I decided to contact one of the consultants from Katje Katoen. This organization provides advice regarding reusable nappies. You can make a free appointment with an advisor, who will answer all your questions and discuss with you over the diaper that fits your needs the most. This is well worth doing, as you can try out various types on your child (at her child-friendly place), and there is no pressure to buy anything. Since I live in Leiden, I contacted Maaike van Bemmel from Delft. She was really friendly, and she did not push at all for me to buy anything.

So, when I got home, I decided to go for it and I made my order for washable diapers; I chose the FlexiTots from Totsbots. And this is how the nappie looks on Anna:

On top of the nappie, you need to use a wrap on top of it. And again, this is Anna with nappie and wrap.

So far so good. The nappie works fine and after you know how to use it, it is all pretty simple. And it is an easy way to reduce your garbage!

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