Wednesday, 12 May 2010

How does breastmilk look like?

How does breastmilk look like? I get this question quite often.

Well, I thought myself that breastmilk should look like cow milk or something like that. I mean white, sort of watery and with one color.

Well, the truth is something else. As you can see in the picture; the milk has in fact two or three layers when you let it rest for a while. The upper part is the fatty part of the milk, and at the bottom you can see that it is more watery. Honestly, I would have not expected that.

I have to pump the milk during my work to give it to Anna the following day, and it is funny that even the color of the milk changes slightly according to what I ate the day before. So a bit redish or a bit green milk is not uncommon!

If you have questions on breastfeeding, do not hesitate to ask me. I breastfed Paul for more than a year and I plan to do the same with Anna. Although I am not an expert, I have some experience about it!

There are also some organizations where mothers volunteer to help other mothers by answering questions and giving support. One organization that has representatives in a lot of countries is La Leche League. I have gone to a couple of their meetings and they are very informative!

Another similar association is Vereniging Borstvoeding Natuurlijk
And you can also find general information on breastfeeding here.

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ricardo acosta said...

I do have a question. Lately for the past couple of days, when I pump I've been getting a lot of foremilk out than hindmilk. I get like 3 oz of foremilk and then 2 oz of hindmilk. And when i finish pumping it looks more white and watery than rich nourish looking like yellow. What I wanna know because what I pump I freeze it. What can I do to get more of the hindmilk than the foremilk? And lately my LO has been pretty fussy and I think too shes getting a little more foremilk than hindmilk.

ricardo acosta said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, when i refrigerate it and let it sit, there's just a skinny tiny layer of hind milk at the top then the middle layer thats watery and the bottom thats clearish. When I mix it up it looks white and watery.

My Mama Day said...


I noticed myself that I was getting more "watery" milk at the end of the day. Meaning when I was tired and maybe I had not eaten a proper lunch. Are you tired lately?

Also, when it is hot, babies demand milk more often, so then, I would breastfeed more often. In that case, your body adjusts and makes more watery milk.

Does this help you?


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